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Get to know…Devon Williams!

Meet Devon Williams, our Creative Operations Manager here at Nextfly. When we have a problem, need some Dayquil, want a fresh pot of coffee or just have a question, Devon is our girl. Devon has been here for three years (as of today) and has learned a lot about every aspect of the web design process. Get to know a little bit more about the “mom” of our office:

What’s your Starbucks order?

“Carmel Frappuccino with soy milk, no whop AND an affogato shot”

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Devon says when she grew up she wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon because, and I quote, “I watched too much Grey’s Anatomy.” 

So relatable.

If you could switch lives with any other Nextfly employee, who would it be?

Devon said if she could switch lives with a Nextfly employee, it would be Haley. Her reasoning? “She’s young enough to go out and do fun things on weeknights without being tired the next day.”

(Seeing as I am Haley, I am tired, I’m just trying to hide it.)

What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?

Devon wants to go on a hot air balloon ride, however, they are pretty expensive.

What has been your least favorite job in all your working years?

Out of all the jobs she has done, Devon admits that retail and the service industry both have their downfalls with long hours on your feet and little gratitude.

What is the most exciting place you have been and what was your favorite?

“My husband and I are avid adventurers. We not only like to scuba dive but we like to hike. Within the last five years we have been to the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic (before everyone was dying) Cozumel Mexico, going back to the Bahamas in three weeks and various states within the US.”

“My favorite place we traveled was the Bahamas for the scuba diving at Stuart cove. This was my first experience scuba diving in the ocean and we were told we would be diving with sharks. We had the opportunity to swim with 15 plus blacktip reef sharks the size of a full human male.”