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How To Use WordPress When You’re Not Tech Savvy

You’ve just finished having your website built, and now it’s time for you to maintain the site on your own!  If you have never worked on a WordPress site, it can seem like an extremely daunting task. Many people think that you have to have years of experience to work on the backend of your website; however, that is not the case at all!

Ways to Make WordPress More User Friendly

Plugins – One of the nice things about WordPress is that it is built on an open-source content management system. This means that anyone can code plugins or themes. What does that mean for you? This means that if your site does not have the functionality that you need, there may be an option available for you! There are free plugins; however, the more functionality you are looking for there, there could be costs associated with purchasing the plugin. One downfall of plugins is the more you have the larger your site is. The larger your site is, the longer your pages can take to load. Another issue with too many plugins is they can conflict with each other over time if they’re not frequently updated.

Page Builders – There are many types of page builders for WordPress. Some are more user-friendly than others. A lot of new page builders have the availability for you to build out and change content all from the front end. This allows you to be able to see what you are editing just as a client would see it.

These page builders also make it available to add and remove sections without having to have a customer custom code your new section. Most of these page builders also have drag-and-drop features that allow ease of use. At Nextlfy, we use Elementor as our go-to page builder. The Elementor page builder makes life so much easier with their collection of widgets that reduce the need for extra plugins.

Contact Us to Set up Your Easy to use WordPress Site

If you need to get your site out of the stone ages, contact a representative at Nextfly to talk about your needs. We will help you get your site to the point where you will feel confident in making changes!