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Best UX/UI Design Tools

UX/UI design is an important aspect of web design and development. UX/UI design is the focus on user experience and user interface from a visual aspect. There are many UX/UI design tools that can help you create a better website. Here are some of the best UX/UI Design Tools available right now so you can make your next project succeed!

Top UX/UI Design Tools


Balsamiq is a wireframing program that allows you to create mockups and wireframes for your websites and apps. Some great features included in the program include collaboration tools and screen flow diagrams. Balsamiq has been out for some time, but it remains one of the best tools on the market. If you are creating prototypes or mockups, then Balsamiq may be the best program for you.


Photoshop is primarily thought of as a tool for photographers and photo editors, but it is also a great choice for UI design. You have the ability to create mockups, logos, and graphics, that help you get your ideas off the ground. Photoshop makes it relatively easy to create icons and UI elements as well.


Sketch is a vector graphics design tool for web, mobile, and beyond. It allows designers to create designs fast and easily with its highly intuitive user interface. The application has been designed so that it can be used by both professionals as well as beginners.

It’s been used by designers all over the world, from individual freelancers to large agencies. It offers an infinite canvas where you can create your designs without worrying about resolution issues or pixelation problems that are common with other software applications like Photoshop or Illustrator


Zeplin is a great tool for creating wireframes, prototypes, style guides, and collaboration with developers. It’s an all-in-one solution for visualizing your design process and making sure you’re on the same page as your team.


UXPin is a web app that allows you to create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. It’s made for teams and is easy to use. The free version includes unlimited projects, while the paid version includes more advanced features such as custom fonts, export options, priority support, and more. UXPin currently has over 350 000 users from all around the world (including countries like Australia), so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for an online solution for your next project!


InVision is a web-based prototyping tool that allows you to create, link, and share interactive prototypes with your team and clients. It has a large library of UI elements to use in your designs.

Invision also allows you to easily share your design with others with links or QR codes. These links can be embedded into emails or shared on Facebook or Twitter to quickly share the design with other people who are interested in it without having them download any additional software onto their computers.

InVision provides an easy way for designers to visually communicate ideas through interactive mockups on both mobile devices (iOS & Android) as well as desktop browsers.


Framer.js is a tool for designers to create interactive prototypes of their apps or website. It allows you to create and share high-fidelity prototypes with your team. You can use it to create animations, transitions, and interactions directly in the browser, which gives your users a better idea of how the final product will look and feel.

This tool offers an extensive range of features:

  • Create animations that can be played at any speed
  • Improve customer satisfaction through rapid prototyping
  • Easily import existing projects into Framer Studio


UserTesting is a great tool for getting feedback on your prototype. It’s easy to use and you can get feedback in minutes. You can also get feedback from people all over the world, which is key if you don’t live near other designers or UX professionals who are willing to give you feedback.

You set up a test with UserTesting by creating a simple survey that asks participants questions about what they like/dislike about your design as well as their overall opinion of it. Once the tests begin, testers will complete tasks using your website or app while interacting with it via an iPad or computer screen share (a webcam). The tester will record themselves while they do each task and later send this video back to you along with written notes from their sessions so that you can see how users interacted with different parts of your interface/product before making any changes!


HotJar is a tool for user experience and user interface design. It has a heatmap feature that shows you where users click, scroll, and hover on your website. This data can be used to improve the usability of your site by identifying problem areas and strategizing ways to fix them.

Use the UX/UI Design Tools that Work Best for You

The best UX/UI Design Tools help you understand the process of creating successful products. They should be able versatile enough for you to be able to create wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and clickable prototypes. Identify what type of designer you are (or want to be). If you are just getting started in UX design then don’t worry as much about all the options, but take note of them as they may be helpful in future years when you are looking at new tools!

Need Help with Your UX/UI Design Tools?

So, if you’re looking for the best UX/UI design tools and want to make sure you are using them in a way that is most productive and efficient, don’t hesitate to contact us today.