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Julie Learns to Code: Introduction

Hi there!

This weekend at Nextfly we have a four day weekend. (Yippee!) Most weekends I head out of town or have a billion things planned but this weekend I’ve decided not to plan anything. Just go with the flow and make the weekend everything I want it to be.

Recently I’ve decided I want to learn everything I can about coding. (HTML, CSS…the whole bunch). I want to learn how to build a website from scratch.

Working at a web design company I am often having to make changes to a client’s website in code and have to either Google something or ask my co-workers. Not anymore!

So how do I plan on accomplishing this?

Well, numerous people have told me read this article or watch that video, but what I’ve decided on is Codecademy. Codecademy is a web platform that teaches you everything from Web Fundamentals including HTML and CSS as well as jQuery, JavaScript and much more!

To get started I’m going to learn HTML and CSS. I’m going to spend a little time here and there this weekend utilizing the platform and learning from it and then come Monday, I’ll write a quick review with a breakdown about what I learned from the program and if I believe other programming newbies will benefit from Codecadamy as well.

Although I know while most people utilize the Fourth for road trips and bonfires with their families, I’ll be spending some of the day getting my “code on”. (The rest of the day will be spent poolside).

So now…who’s ready for a productive weekend? I am!

Let’s do this.