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5 Ways to Add More Content to your Website

The process of developing a website takes a lot of time. At Nextfly Communications, with the customer’s help, we get websites designed and developed in three months. After these three months, we train you on how to manage your website. This includes adding video, photos, and – most importantly – text.

Content creation is one of the most important things you could do on your website it helps you not only educate your consumers but tells Google what your business does.

To help you out I have come up with five ways in which you can add more content to your website:

1. Ask for Testimonials/Reviews: Have a page on your website that has a place where customers can leave testimonials or one with your review pages for your business. Nextfly has one here: We love hearing from our customers and are delighted to listen to feedback from others!

.2. Provide an FAQ: Research questions that your target audience is asking by surveying your customers, searching online, conducting a focus group, and identifying pre-sell and post-sell questions.

3. Develop “Staff” Pages: Let your customers get to know your company more by introducing them to your staff members. Talk about what their specific job titles are and what part of the company they work it. Keep it friendly too though and ask fun questions as well! Remember, your employees are real people just like your customers!

4. Have Different “Service” Pages: Often our clients might lump together all of their services together on one page, but it is best to develop multiple pages for your different services. Talk in-depth about all you have to offer. For example, Nextfly has pages for both our web design and eCommerce website design. We could have kept them both on one page, but why not separate the two, making things easier for people to navigate as well as seize the opportunity to add more content to the site?

5. Utilize Your Blog: A lot of people have websites that have blog functionality, but do not utilize it! Take advantage of your WordPress content management system and post blogs about company and industry news! Your company has both a personality and a voice – let it be heard!

If you have any questions about content writing or blog development – let us know!