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Lacking Creativity for Blog Content?

Many people have feelings or thoughts that they are not creative.  They may compare themselves to friends, family, and co-workers and think that they wish they could do some things that those others do.    They sometimes even compare themselves to professional Blog Content writers who have achieved a high level of creativity in a specific field and are widely known for it.  While it’s great to have high aspirations, it’s also not a realistic way to start your work, craft, or skill, with a comparison like this.  Every person in any field where talent and skills are recognized started out as a beginner, like you.  Each person needs to learn what helps them to be creative.  It may be one or several things, but once you discover your inspiration innovator, you have your start to whatever you are doing.  Hopefully, as you read this, you find yourself in some of these traits and ideas.   



There may be as many avenues to “how to be creative” as there are personalities to humans. You have most likely experienced some of these ways without actually recognizing and acknowledging them.    A very basic trait of being creative is being curious.  You might take that trait for granted, but there is something in you that sparks the initial thoughts you have.  Creative people are somewhat described as risk-takers.  That doesn’t mean you have to be a skydiver to be creative!  Those risks, once again, can vary greatly from person to person.  What is risky for one person may be an everyday occurrence for another.  The bottom line is that you try something new.  This new activity can be carefully planned or impulsive, as that part doesn’t make a difference.  Once you have this new encounter, you can easily change your mind, if it doesn’t meet your expectations.  Parallel to risk-taking is being open to experiencing a variety of things.  Creative people are not stagnant people.  It’s hard to imagine anyone going through life without having new experiences.  One important thing is that a trait has nothing to do with how intelligent you are.  So your thoughts of, “I could never do that” should never be based on that.  It’s been found that an IQ of 85 may be the threshold of creative potential.  Most people fall within the IQ range of 85 – 115, so take that excuse off of your list!



So now you know that you are able to be as creative as others are.  Let’s get you going!  Different approaches for writing Blog Content work for different people, and you will discover over time what works best for you.  Initially, though, it might be a trial-and-error type process.  It will be your choice to decide what method or methods work for you.  You will most likely decide to set aside a specific time for your thoughts and work, but you also might think of something while you are in the middle of another activity.  Choose your own method to make notes of these thoughts.  It’s also important to give yourself permission to take breaks from what you are thinking about or doing.  Stepping away is sometimes very helpful.  These ideas will vary depending on what the final product of your creativity will be, so there’s no hard rule that you have to do any or all of these suggestions.  Be open to trying new things, and it always helps to find new material relating to your focus.  Repeated practice and interaction with what your goal is will only make you better.  



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