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New Website Design Launches

December has been a great month for us at Nextfly! We’ve had the privilege of helping many websites go live including the following:

  • Hughes Integrated Systems
  • SBC Wealth Management
  • Romine Family Law

Each website design project we work on is different. Here’s a breakdown of why we designed these projects the way we did.

Hughes Integrated Systems 

Since Hughes works with a wide range of industries, they wanted those to be the center focus. It was important for them to showcase that they were a company that could handle all your security needs, both at home and in the office.

To do this, we put the industries front and center in the banner, in the industries section below the banner, as well as on the sidebar on the home and interior pages.

SBC Wealth Management


SBC had a very specific design in mind. They were working with an external design team on wireframes for the website, but things were not going as planned.

Nextfly took control of the project and was able to turn things around quickly. We made multiple custom page templates that best suited the website’s overall purpose.

With these custom templates, SBC is able to deliver its message in the exact way it envisioned and Nextfly was glad to be able to make that happen!

Romine Family Law

Carol was looking for a more personal site about her practice, which is why her picture is a main focus.  Here are a few unique and cool features that were added to help even more personalize her site –

  • DOWNLOAD EBOOK tab -Carol spent a lot of time on her eBook and wants potential clients to have a clear option of being able to find and read it when considering her as a lawyer. Due to this, we placed a tab on the left-hand side of every page on the website. This way, it won’t easily be missed!
  • YouTube video featured – Carol wants you to get to know her and created a short YouTube video. What a great way to communicate to potential clients who she is and what services she has to offer through her practice!
  • “Schedule Free Consultation” button –  The “Schedule Free Consultation” button is located front and center on her website to easily get in touch with Carol. In addition to being able to get in touch with her in the banner, there’s also a contact form in the footer of the website’s home page.
  • Service areas – Carol’s services are located beneath the banner so people can learn more about exactly what she has to offer.
  • Practice area sidebar– When reading through the website, users are able to quickly click through all of the practices areas she has to offer on the sidebar.

At Nextfly, every client we have is different and, therefore, so are their websites! If you are looking to get a website redesign, make sure to get in touch with us and look through our featured projects to see more of our work!