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Nextfly Develops Online Videos for SBC

Recently Nextfly had the privilege to work with SBC Wealth Management on re-designing their website. It was a complete overhaul of their old site and was laid out to specifically show the people behind the company.

To do this, Nextfly worked with SBC to produce videos for their website. On thehomepage, front and center, there’s an introduction video of SBC.

In the video, you get to meet all of SBC advisors and learn more about the company’s foundation.

In addition to the intro video, there are also client support team bio videos on their “Our Team” page.

With the bio videos it was important for SBC to make it a point to show how dedicated they are to the company and the hands on experience you will receive from them.

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When becoming a client at SBC, who you see is who you will work with. There is no operator to transfer your call or put you on hold. They are there to meet all your service needs.

SBC has a personal connection with each of their clients, which is what inspired the videos. It’s always nice to have a face with a name too. A lot of their clientele do not live locally, and have not had the opportunity to visit the office and meet the staff who work behind the scenes. The videos allow those clientele to be able to connect with the staff on a personal level that they may haven’t done otherwise.

Having videos bios for your website is a great idea to expand your online marketing and give your clients an opportunity to get to know you more.

If you are interested in getting videos on your website – get in touch with Nextfly. We’d love help!