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Featured Employee

Jill Beck

We would like to highlight a new employee at our office, Jill Beck! Jill joined the NEXTFLY team in October 2014. Although, she has not been a part of the team for very long, she has been a part of the development of the business from the beginning by working alongside her husband, Brett. We wanted to let our clients get to know a bit more about Jill, so we asked her a few questions about herself. Here is how she responded:

Q: How do you like working with your husband?
A: (Laugh Out Loud) I get asked that question a lot, but I love it! It’s been a wonderful learning experience, not only to work with him, but also to work alongside the rest of the team at NEXTFLY.

Q: What do you like most about your job?
A: So far I have really enjoyed gaining a better knowledge of what can be done with websites. I enjoy getting to know the process behind developing the site as well as seeing businesses succeed because of them!

Q: What is the most challenging about your job?
A: Writing blogs! I’ve written numerous small blurbs about this or that, but haven’t had to sit down and write a 750-1000 word article with graphics since college. It’s a lot harder than it looks, but the challenge is a lot of fun!

Q: How would you best describe your personality?
A: I would consider myself to be an outgoing, down to earth and personable person. I enjoy meeting new people and am intrigued by who they are and love to listen to what they have to say. Once it starts to warms up outside, you can find me on the golf course either playing a round or practicing my chips and putts!