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How to Have your Site Content Indexed Faster by Google

For people posting content to their website whether it’s a new page or blog post, it’s important to have your website crawled by Google to get indexed.

What does it mean to have your website “indexed”?

Indexing means that your website can be found on Google when people search because it has been placed in Google’s database.

How does Google index your data?

Google sends robot spiders to your website – those robots examine all the data on your page and will place on Google according to it’s findings.

As webmasters or marketers add new content to websites they often sit back and wait for Google’s bots to crawl the website. This could take months to happen, which wouldn’t help your website in the long run.

Luckily, through Google Webmaster Tool, there’s an option that allows your to “Fetch as Google” where you can submit your URL to be indexed.

Submitting your link to the index using the “Fetch as Google” tool allows Google to crawl the URL usually within a day. Surprisingly, I’ve seen pages and blogs show up in the SERPs within 5 minutes or so of submitting it.

So, the next time you are adding a new page or post to your site  do yourself a favor and remember to “Fetch as Google“. It will only help you and your site’s SEO in the long run.