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Snapchat Upgrade

Snapchat is more than a photo-sharing application as it was at the start. Just this past week the app added two really big features: real-time text messanging, and live-streaming video.

Switching from one application to another when sending messages to your friends or family use to be common place. You’d message with Hangouts or FaceTime, then hop over to another app to text them, then head back to Snapchat to quickly take a photo of something interesting.

These new features allow conversations to continue with natural ease and I have already noticed how beneficial the quick transitions are.

For awhile people were wondering why Snapchat didn’t sell to Facebook for $3 billion dollars and this might be the reason. Snapchat looks to be a powerful new messaging tool with a bright future ahead of it.

However, with Snapchat, reliability of the application’s features have caused many issues in the past. Time will tell how seamless these new features will be integrated or if the bugs will start to come out in full effect.

What do you think of the features?