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Social Media Myth 2: It’s Okay To Have the Same Content

Managing social media sites is time consuming, especially if you are a small business with not an excessive amount of employees. Often times the owner of a company is the one managing the social media and it gets lost in the shuffle of business meetings and bill writing. In order to continue their online presence, companies will post duplicate content that will appear on all the social media sites, doing so, risk losing potential customers.

So now you are wondering – why? Here are a few reasons:

1. Search Engines Care
Social media helps you establish a connection with your readers in a more personalized fashion. This allows people to trust you and also lets search engines, such as Google, know that your website is important. Google pays attention to Twitter followers and mentions received. With Facebook, Google tracks your shares and likes received by your page and your website content. The popularity and authority of people who follow/mention or share/like your social media pages and website content also are taken into consideration for ranking. In a day in which “content is king” having original content that is “shared”, and “retweeted”, engages audiences and will result in a much higher ranking on Google and Bing, making your website easier to find.

2. What Works on One, Don’t Work on the Other
Have you ever been on Facebook and seen someone using a hashtag (#) from a Twitter post or on Twitter and seen an Instagram username that wasn’t linked? The functionality on one site is not the same as others! At the same rate, people are more likely to “like” posts with pictures on Facebook and, on Twitter, they will “retweet” interesting links. There’s a strategy behind each social media platform, make sure you research what works best on which platform before you fall victim to developing a disengaging social media presence.

3. People Get Bored – Easily
Everyday your customers are thrown a large amount of information at them from the time they wake up to when their head hits the pillow. Anything that you post that is repetitive or plain gets quickly passed over and immediately forgotten about. To avoid this, post engaging and diverse types on content. With this you are more likely to get customers to stop and converse with your business pages.