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Social Media Myth 3: The More Followers/Fans/Likes, The Better

Many businesses starting out on social media, focus on the number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers – desperately focusing on increasing those numbers.  If you do a quick Google search you will discover that there are many companies that offer their unique “services” that offer you hundreds, if not thousands of “real” followers for a small $5. Think that’s a good idea? Think again.

These “follows” are nothing but bots and fake accounts. They don’t engage with your company, they aren’t influencers – they are merely a number.

So what matter then? Not the number of Friends / Followers / Likes.  Not how many Tweets / Posts / Pins.

What matters is what happens when you Post/ Pin / Tweet

Did you get your audience’s attention? Did they like what you had to say? Did people share or start talking about your content? Did people to take an action?

Focus building, en answering these questions.