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Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life

Believe it or not, spring really is right around the corner. The first day of spring is March 20th and if the groundhog is right, we should be feeling those warmer temperatures outside very soon. With the warmth comes spring cleaning. The time to clean out all of the things you don’t need anymore and start fresh.

Does this only apply to your physical life now? No! Of course not. Spring cleaning can be applied to so many areas of your life including the digital side. Whether it’s apps on your phone, content on your site, files on your desktop or friends on your social media, your digital life can be just as important to keep clean as your physical life.

Spring Clean your Digital Life

So, what areas in your digital life can you clean? As listed above, there are quite a few places. When’s the last time you emptied the recycling bin on your computer? That process is short but is probably not at the front of your mind. Or, apps on your phone. I know I have several apps on my phone that I don’t use. Not only are they pointless, but they are taking up valuable space on my phone! Think about all the cat photos you could replace those unused apps with.

Check out this list of Places to Clean up on the Digital Side of Things:

1.Content on Your Site

Looking at your site, do you have content that is old or outdated? It might be time to clean out some of that old information. The last thing you want is for someone to come to you page and see an announcement from 2016.

Now more than ever, your digital presence will make the difference between someone using your service or going somewhere else. This makes relevant content on your site very important. This spring is the perfect time for you to take some initiative and get that information cleaned up.

2.Friends on Your Social Media

According to Social Media Today, we spend on average 5 years of our lives on social media platforms. If you’re spending that much time on anything, you need to be surrounding yourself with the right people. When’s the last time you looked at your friends list? There are probably a few people on there you don’t care about or even know. What about those pages that you liked when you were 14 but they still somehow fill your newsfeed?

It’s time to clean out that list and get some good, reliable content on your social media feeds. Social media can be a good place to learn about the happenings in the world depending on who you engage with.

3.Files on Your Computer and Phone

Having too many files and apps stored on your phone slows down your device. Spring cleaning is a great time to not only get rid of unused stuff in your home, but on your phone and computer too. Go through those apps on your phone and delete the ones you don’t really use. You may be surprised to see the difference in can make!

Take the first step to a cleaner and smoother running digital life! Thinking of refreshing your site with your spring cleaning? Reach out today and let us help create a perfect site refresh for you!