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Your Website will Never be Completed!

“Your website will never be fully completed.” This is a statement that we use a lot in web design and marketing. This is because there will always be things that you can do to improve your business and perception. Whether it is learning new  strategies and adjusting marketing goals, or maybe it is continually adding new aspects to your business.

The Turning Point

We talk about websites just like we would talk about our health and fitness. At some point in your journey, you realize a change needs to happen. For your fitness, this could be the turning point in realizing you need to go to the gym a few times a week, or even eat a little better than before. On the other-hand, for your website, this could mean that you noticed that your website does not best suit the needs of your company anymore.

While you are starting this new journey, you are looking at all of the things that you want to focus on for your new site (ie… new services, your employees, etc..). During the beginning, you are compiling all of the needed content, color schemes, and images that best highlight your business. For fitness, this is the time when you will start replacing the unhealthy foods that have been taking up space in your cabinets and fridge. Not only is this the time where you replace your food, you are also looking up and putting together an affective gym routine.

“Phase One”

The other term you will hear us talk about quite often is, “Phase One.”  On the website design portion, phase one is figuring out and completing the main objective. Phase one is nailed during the first few meetings, then we spend the next sixty to ninety days carrying out the tactical items that we were set to accomplish. For our health and fitness, this can look like a good routine that is accompanied by good eating habits.

During this time, it is very important to stay dedicated to your “project.” A lot of the time, we see that our fitness can easily be put to the back burner, because “there is not enough time in the day.” We hear this a lot from clients in web design, as well. Without an extreme amount of dedication, it will take a lot longer to see the progress.

On the other hand, if you become too “obsessed” there is a chance where you can over work your site or even your muscles. When we talk about over working your website, this could mean that you spend too much time looking at the small details that you wonder if you need to start moving in a new direction or make a complete change (or five).

“Phase Two”

In the middle of phase one, we start to see a shift where the project’s goal starts to move in a new direction with new additions to the site. This could be the addition of functionality or special pages on your site, which were not discussed in the beginning.

If you were focusing on your fitness, this would be like wanting to start out having a healthier life then turning it into wanting to go on a 50 mile hiking trip right away. As much fun as this hiking trip sounds, you should first complete the first portion of your fitness journey. You need to know you are healthy enough to walk 3 miles, before you decide to take on a challenge you are not ready for!

At Nextfly, it is very important to find a good end to phase one before starting phase two. The reason we would like to finish phase one first, is mainly to avoid the first part of your journey to extending through the end of phase two. A clear cut end lets us dedicate all of our attention to each portion individually, instead of having to spread our focus on two different aspects.

The End that Never Comes

Just like before, it is easy to find things that you site needs just by spending time looking at it. It would be very disappointing to work on your health and fitness for months and months, just to give up. It is the same thing with your website. You may eventually see that you might need newer photos, different text, and even more! Luckily for you, Nextfly offers a two hour training for all of our clients! In this training, we will teach you all aspects of your website, and allow you to be as hands on as you would like to be to be able to continue the growth and change on your site. Or the reverse, as hands off as you would like to be. Are you ready to start your never ending ending project? Contact a representative at Nextfly today!