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STOP Using Internet Explorer

We have all had those pieces of technology that we have gotten sooo used to using, that we never want to give them up. We have all had that cell phone that started having little quirks, but we looked passed it. Technology has to be constantly updated to continue working the way that it was meant to. That is why our phones have an update every month or so, and with those updates the applications need to be updated as well.

Website Technology

Web browsers and websites are just the same. New versions of each come out every so often to keep with with the new trends of technology. What happens when developers stop supporting the product that they created? How long will the browser, plugin, or website last if they are not being maintained? Some can last for months, others can last for years. It all depends on how often the technology it uses to functions is updated.

Old Habits Die Hard

We all know individuals in our life that will never move away from PCs and use Apple computers. This is the same with internet browsers, like Internet Explorer. Microsoft, the builder of Internet explorer, stopped supporting and updating their browser. Since they stopped updating their browser, there has slowly been features that break or stop working all together. This can cause colors not to come through, images to disappear, sections to over lap, and many many more issues.


With Internet Explorer being phased out, Microsoft has been trying tirelessly for 4 years to get Windows10 users to ditch IE for the new Microsoft Edge. Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, was built on the same platform as Internet Explorer. However, there has been no influx of installations during this time. In recent months, Edge has even been falling behind to its “dead” counterpart and all other browsers.

This has caused Microsoft to re-evaluate the platform that it is running on. As of December 2018, Microsoft has announced that they will be rebuilding edge on the same platform as Google Chrome.  This new “Edge” will be released in 2020 for official download. 

Why is the New Edge Important?

The new platform has may benefits, such as; better privacy, downloads on Apple devices, availability for more extensions,  and many more. It is also important to move off of the original IE and move to a new browser since it is no longer supported. 

What Happens to Your New Site with IE

Many times, while building new sites, we have customers who do not see the same sites that we see while we build. They are seeing whites and blacks, where we are seeing red or blues. This is due to the fact that Microsoft’s platform does not support all of the css and code that other platforms do. Not only can this hurt the view of your website, but also the fact that the browser does not even support itself. 

This makes creating warning for IE users, (as shown above) very important, since they can create a unstable experience for your clients. If you need Nextfly to create an IE warning for your site, contact us today!