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Web Design Trends To Avoid

It’s important to keep up with the latest web design trends. In general, using the latest and greatest web design techniques can make your site look more modern, which can help it attract more visitors.

While Web design trends are constantly changing, some come and go really quickly. If you’re not keeping up with the newest trends your site will appear dated, which can push away potential customers. These are some top web design trends to avoid.

Web Design Trends to Avoid:

Auto-playing music or videos

Auto-playing music or videos is not a good idea because if you have no control over what is playing on your site, it can be very annoying for the user. What if they are in a quiet place but your site is playing loud music? They will definitely leave your site as soon as possible. That is why it is better to stick with the traditional way of presenting content where the user has to click on the play button to play music or videos.


Avoid using any type of pop-up, whether it’s for collecting email addresses, gathering feedback from visitors, or advertising products. Pop-ups tend to be very disruptive and can negatively impact your conversion rate.

Too many fonts

Yes, it’s true that having more than one font on your site is a great way to make a visual impact—but not if it just looks like you threw up a bunch of random fonts all over the page.

When you’re choosing how many fonts you want to use, think about how they work together. Fonts that are different but still complement each other can create a great effect and give your site some character. Just because a font looks cool doesn’t mean it will look good with your brand or with the rest of your content.

Boring Stock photos

If you’re trying to grab your audience’s attention and prove that you’re an expert in your field, then you don’t want them to see a website with stock photos that look like they could be from any company.

You don’t want them to think “that could be anyone from anywhere.” You want them to think, “this company is great! I bet they can help me!” And this is why it matters so much what kinds of images you use on your website. If you use boring stock photography, people will not be able to tell if that page is talking about finance or healthcare or anything else at all.

Hidden navigation

Though hidden navigation can be a great way to streamline the user experience, it’s not always the most intuitive solution. This is why it’s important to consider users who might not have experience with your website. If they can’t see any navigation, they may leave without ever having gotten a chance to look at your products or services.

To Avoid or Not?

Web design trends come in and out of style with the seasons, but that doesn’t mean you have to fall in line with them. You can always look to see what’s popular, and then strike a balance between the fads and the timeless principles of good design. While you’re at it, consider whether or not your design truly is innovative—or if it’s just bandwagon style. In the end, it’s a fine line between useful innovation and mere imitation, and that same line separates a timeless classic from trendy garbage.

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