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What is a Long Tail Key Phrase and Why Is It Important?

You just created your new website, and customers are finding your site, but you’re not getting many clicks. Whether its products or interactions with your site, someone came to your site looking for something, and when they didn’t find it, so they left. Could this have something to do with your keywords? Are you using specific Long-Tail Key Phrases?

Specialization is a good thing when it comes to products, so why would it be a bad thing when it comes to searching for things online? If you’re worried that your products and keyphrases are too niche to get an audience to your website, think again. We’re going to talk about what a Long-Tail Key Phrase is, why and how you should use them to turn website visitors into customers.

What is a Long-Tail Key Phrase?

You’ve probably heard a lot about keywords and why they’re important for potential customers find your website. Short and basic keywords like “restaurant” are what is called “head keywords.” And although a lot of people search for “restaurants” every day, it is a pretty vague descriptor. Your website will appear on a giant page of results, and you’re probably at the bottom. Think of walking down a busy street with restaurants on either side and not knowing what to eat. If you’re at the end of the street, potential customers aren’t going to walk to the end of the street before they make their decision.

Now if a customer searches “fried chicken restaurant,” and your restaurant specializes in fried chicken, you’ve got a fighting chance, but you’ll probably still have decent competition. What could make you stand out from the rest of the pack? What about your fried chicken is better than the rest? Does your location matter to the customer?

When a customer searches specific keywords to find the best results for what they want to purchase, that’s when a Long-Tail Key Phrase works its magic. If your potential customer searches “Best Fried Chicken Indianapolis,” “Fried Chicken Catering Delivery,” or “Fried Chicken Drumsticks With Mashed Potatoes,” they’ve indicated they know what they want. They are ready to make a purchase. When someone is searching for something specific, that’s when they’re ready to buy, and if you can meet their specific needs, then you need to show up in their searches.

The Advantages of Long-Tail Key Phrases

If you’re thinking that you need to invest in the big keywords that are vague like “restaurant,” just think about how many restaurants are on the street. Each of those restaurants will also want to make a bid for a big keyword like “restaurant” too, making the price go up.

Graph depicting long-tail key phrasesThe biggest advantage of long-tail keyphrases is that because fewer people are searching for them, they are less expensive. Don’t blow your Adwords budget fighting for big imprecise keywords when you could instead bid on lots of Long-Tail Key Phrases that are more likely to convert website visitors into customers.

How to Implement a Long-Tail Key Phrases

Before you start changing your menu items to “Best Fried Chicken Indianapolis Combo #2” just so it will appear in Google searches, we recommend a different strategy. Google tends to reward websites that have more content. If your website doesn’t have much more than your menu and a contact page, adding more pages will also boost your search position.

Create a landing page about why your fried chicken is the best in Indianapolis, complete with customer reviews that agree with you. Talk about your family recipe that goes unchanged to this day in a blog post. As you create these pages, center them around a Long-Tail Key Phrase that someone might search for. If someone lands on your blog about the “best fried chicken Indianapolis,” they’ll easily be able to get to your site to see the menu.

These little things that make your business special are more than bullet points in a list – they’re identifiers that can appeal to customers. Show off your unique qualities in Long-Tail Key Phrases and your customers will notice.

How Nextfly Can Help With Your Long-Tail Key Phrases

Hey, you don’t have time to manage a website and write blogs, you got fried chicken to make and sell. Contact Nextfly to help with your local SEO, Long-Tail Key Phrase implimentation, and content creation so that customers can find your business to match their specialized needs.