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Why I’m Still Getting an iPhone

It’s about that time, guys. Time for this gal to upgrade her phone. First off, I’d like to thank that jerk in the Walmart parking lot who stole my iPhone and made me watch it disappear on Find iPhone app. (This is important because said ‘jerk’ made me get a new phone and start a new contract). Next, I’d like to thank Apple for launching the iPhone 5S around the exact same time I’m due for an upgrade.

It’s funny that when it comes time for an upgrade I automatically default to “what new iPhone is out today!?”

I’m not the most technical person, but when you look at the comparative smart phone chart there are a lot of numbers that look a lot bigger and better coming from the Galaxy S4, HTC One and Lumia 1020.

So what is it in an iPhone that keeps me coming back for more again and again?

1. FaceTime – I live in Indianapolis and my adorable nieces are in Chicago. Without an iPhone, I don’t have the ease of being able to push a button to see them.

2. iMessage – At Nextfly Web Design we all have Macs and use iMessage to communicate with each other. It’s convenient to have the option to utilize both our computers as well as our phones to discuses work matters.

3. iTunes – I’ve been using iTunes since the first generation iPod and have spent years developing my iTunes library. iTunes has turned into a music, podcast, book and app powerhouse, and I’ve spent a lot of money purchasing music and apps for my devices. I’m not a fan of the idea of losing all that I’ve built. Not a fan at all.

4. iCloud – I have not only an iPhone, but also an iPad and a Macbook Pro. It is amazing to have the ability to transfer all of your information with ease from one device to another and have everything all in one place.

5. Convenience – I have an iPhone already and enjoy it immensely. Why risk the possibility of trying something new and have the possibility of not liking it? I think I’ll stick with what I know and love.