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Why is a Good Web Design Important?

I am sure a lot of you are just like me. You were in need of a product or service, so you went to the website to look for more options or details. While you were on the website, you either found that it was WAY too difficult to navigate or little bugs kept causing your stress level to continue to grow to the point that you just decided to leave the site and look somewhere new.

This exact scenario happened while my husband and I were at a dealership looking for new cars. We were ready to make a purchase that day; however, we could not find prices on any of the vehicles. While we could have asked for assistance, we wanted to do a little browsing before feeling pressured to purchase. That is what lead us to go to the website.

Desktop Web Design

All up until mobile devices became popular, the desktop design was the only type of Web Design that actually mattered. Most of these designs were not even responsive to different screen sizes, instead, you would have a scrolling bar to be able to see the information that did not fit on your screen. Nowadays most websites are built to be responsive with different screen sizes.

While desktop views are great for websites that hold a lot of information, it is not guaranteed that a person will be at a desktop computer. That is the position that my husband and I were in this week while at the car dealership. That is why you want to make sure your website is fully responsive, whether you are on a desktop, tablet, or cellphone.

Responsive Web Design

Starting in 2007, the internet was a big hit and over 19% of users started using their phones to access the internet. Not too long after, in 2008, responsive designs started to take hold. Being able to create responsive design allowed for a cost-effective way for visitors to find what they needed on their phones, while previous to Web Design the only good option was mobile applications.

This brings me back to car shopping while unable to get to a desktop computer. The only option that we had was to use our cell phones to look up figures and details about the cars. While we were using the car dealership’s responsive website, we encountered many issues. Not only would the screen jump around, but the buttons and tabs were too small or not very responsive. With all of the issues we were having just trying to navigate the website, we decided to give up instead of fighting with their website.

Ready for your Web Design Project?

This leads me to YOUR website. If you were a first-time visitor coming to take a look at your website, would you be able to or unable to find the information that you were looking for, whether it is on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone? If you were able to find that information, did you have any issues with the website?

If you answered yes to both, it might be time that you reached out to a representative, at Nextfly Web Design! We are more than happy to help you create a Website that is easy for users of all ages to be able to navigate.