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Common Website Mistakes

Having a website is essential for almost every business. That is why it is crucial to avoid these Common Website Mistakes.

Do Not Assume that Longer Pages are Best.

It is important to have enough content for your audience to stay interested, but if there is too much text, then users will lose interest. Using too much text is a common website mistake for newly built sites. Your text should be well written and displayed in easy-to-read paragraphs.

Do Not Forget a Clear Call to Action.

Not having a clear call to action is one of the worst common website mistakes to make. Users need to have clear direction to what they are supposed to do on the page once they have landed on it. It is likely for visitors to leave if they are unsure what they are supposed to do on the page.

Do Not Write for All 100% of Your Audience.

Your website’s copy should be well written and crafted toward a specific market. You should write copy specifically for a smaller number of visitors who are more likely to be conversions. When you have a more targeted message, you are more likely to connect, which leads to a higher conversion rate.

Do not Forget to Keep Your Name, Address, Telephone Number up to Date.

This common website mistake is a big one and can hurt your business in the long term. If the contact information on your website is incorrect, then customers cannot reach you for questions or other important information. Potential customers with questions likely would not return to your site if they cannot contact you.

Do not Use Poor Quality Photos.

The imagery you use on your site is just as important as your copy. The imagery you use on your site is your customer’s first introduction to your business. You should only use crisp and high quality and avoid imagery that is pixilated or blurry. You should hire a professional photographer for product photos or use stock images where possible.

Do not Use Videos That Are Too Long.

Well-made on message videos will enhance your website, but if a video is too long, then it can become redundant. If your message is longer, then you might consider breaking them into short, concise videos. 

Common Website Mistakes SEODo not Forget SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you are not utilizing SEO, it doesn’t matter if your website looks fantastic and has well-written content, then your site may be hard to find. One of the most common website mistakes is not considering SEO in the design phase of a website. SEO is more of a foundation of the house than it is a roof.

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Need Help With a Common Website Mistakes?

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