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Don’t Ignore Google

There are many businesses out there spend a lot of time focusing on social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest but forget one very powerful social network – Google+.

As a business owner you might think to yourself “but nobody is on Google, why should I spend my time focusing on it?”

Well, let me stop you for a second. EVERYONE is “on” Google. When you go make a search – do you hop on over to Ask Jeeves? No. That awesome brain of yours automatically sends you straight to Google.

Google is where you find directions to a store you are interested in going to, a website with information about a product you want to buy, a restaurant’s hours, a phone number to reach out to someone – and much more!

Ignoring Google+ makes people finding your location, reading your menu, or buying your product that much more difficult.  Why?

Well, these days when your website shows up on Google it also comes with a snippet. (Look below to see our amazingly fantastic Google snippet)

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 2.30.39 PM

Here are a few tips to keep up with your companies’ presence on Google:

1. Develop a Google+ page
2. Make sure your Google Places listing is filled out completely
3. Set up Google Authorship on your website.
4. Make sure to have an image for your snippet. Make your company look good!
5. Have your customers/clients give you ratings. If your current customers love you – let your potential clients know!