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Figuring out Your WordPress Website’s Purpose

I’ve worked at Nextfly for over a year now and there’s one thing that I’ve realized. No website that we designed is the same. Every business has different needs when it comes to the functionality of their website and at Nextfly we custom design your website to fit your business’ needs.

Due to this, the back end of each WordPress site we design is different. They have different widgets, different plugins, different sliders, galleries, etc.

Because there are so many different parts of a website, it is easy for a small business owner to become overwhelmed when it comes to the idea of having to managing their website.

However, when you take a step back and consider the needs of your customers and the overall purpose of your website, navigating the back end becomes simple.

Below I’ve provided a list of questions that might arise when developing a website strategy and some tips I have on which part of your website you can utilize to do so!

Q. Do you need to educate your consumers on new product launches?
A. Develop a new page for the specific product or write an in-depth blog post about it!

Q. Do you have an event coming up you need to promote?
A. Design a banner for it for the homepage. If you aren’t the greatest graphic designer, install a event/calendar plugin. With the plugin, you can format your events so they show up in calendar format or just have a simple agenda format that quickly breaks down events coming up.

Q. Do you want clients to be able to find your business’ location?
A. Make sure you develop a Contact page. Use the Contact Form 7 plugin to build your own contact form without having to code everything yourself. In addition, embed your location’s Google map on the page so people can easily click it and get directions.

Q. Do you want your clients/customers to follow your social media accounts?
A. Have links for your social media accounts in the header or footer of your website to start. You can also develop a page on your site that links to all of you social media platforms or even pull in your Facebook or Twitter feeds with WordPress plugins.

Q. Do you want to post photos of products, services, or events?
A. You can make a page for photos and simply place the photos side by side on the pages. Or if you are interested in developing a gallery you can use WordPress’ Media section, a gallery plugin, or you can even use a Facebook or Instagram plugin to pull in your social media photos.

Q. Do you want to sell a product online?
A. You need to have an ecommerce website set up. There are ecommerce plugins that you can use such as WooCommerce, MarketPress, and Ready! However, ecommerce plugins are quite sophisticated and so it would be best to work hand-and-hand with a website programmer to help utilize the plugin to its full potential.

What ever your business needs are, Nextfly can help you develop and manage your website to utilize it to it’s full potential.

Contact or call us a 317-219-3111 and we can talk about your business goals and how Nextfly can help you accomplish them!