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Halloween with Yelp!

Since moving to Indianapolis I’ve found out a few things:

1. I will take the wrong turn at least once when heading to a new location.
2. Yelp is my best friend.

I’m not a huge fan of chain restaurants and I have nooo clue what is around me. But – do you know what knows all? Yelp. Not only that – but they’ll tell you if a place sucks or is amazingly brilliant.

Yelp has helped me get familiar with my surroundings more than anyone or anything. I’ve tried crossfit, done yoga and had sushi for the first time all due to Yelp recommendations.

For the most part I feel that Yelp is like that friend of yours that is always taking you by the hand saying “c’mon. you’ll have fun. I promise!”

So when Yelp’s Black Magic Bash came around – I jumped at the opportunity to put this theory to the test.

And the conclusion was thing…

*drumroll pleasseeee*

I had a great time!

I took pictures with my buds in the Viral Booth of Indianapolis, tried bourbon for the first time, enjoyed some baller pizza from Nameless Pizza and learned that “gourmet marshmallows” exist.

…who knew?

Yelp continues to help me experience new and exciting things about Indianapolis weekly. I’m pumped for what has been – but more so what is to come. I mean…Yelp’s Christmas Bazaar is coming up. Based on how awesome of a Halloween party they throw – I’m excited to see them go big for the year’s biggest holiday!

You should come to it with me.

You’ll have fun.

I promise.