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Five Indianapolis-Based Companies Who (Surprisingly) Don’t Have Mobile Sites

Mobile popularity has been underway for a while now. Today’s lifestyle demands constant connectivity, and the number of people who own a cell phone continues to rise. As of 2012, 88% of U.S. adults had one, and over half of those users also utilized their phones to access the internet.

It is important to be where your customers spend a lot of time and, in addition, to give them a good experience when they are there. Some companies, such as Nextfly, are embracing the mobile shift in regards to their website, but not all. Below is a list of popular Indianapolis-based companies that have not made the transition to developing a responsive web design. 

Scotty’s Brewhouse – For a company that prides itself on being in touch with technology, it is surprising to see Scotty’s without a mobile-optimized website. They do have an app that is available to download, which is a step in the right direction. But for someone like myself, I don’t like having numerous apps on my phone unless I use them frequently. I like having the ability to quickly pull up a company’s website, find the information I need, and move on with my life.

Brightpoint Inc. – Brightpoint Inc. is one of the world’s largest distributors of wireless devices, they deal in anything from routers to cell phones. So – why don’t they have a website that is customized to be easily navigable on the products they offer?

Eli Lilly – Eli Lilly is one of the largest corporations in the world and a company that has made countless ahead-of-the-time, breakthrough pharmaceuticals.  One thing they are not ahead of the time with is responsive web design. To its credit, it does have two mobile apps that are available to download, but it would be nice to see a website that works well on both the big and small screens.

Noble Roman’s – When I’m ordering a pizza I never consistently choose one specific
method of picking the pizza I want to purchase. Sometimes I go to the website on my
computer, sometimes I’m so hungry I immediately call, but sometimes I Google-search a restaurant on my phone. If I were to Google-search for pizza on Noble Roman’s site I would automatically give up on my purchase and head to a different pizza place. Not only is their site not mobile-friendly, but it’s extremely difficult to navigate.

Emmis Communications Corp.– Emmis is a company that prides itself on its innovative nature, but its mobile website is anything but innovative. If you were to search in the app store you would find countless applications developed by the Emmis, but its website is another story entirely. In addition, if you were to check the websites of one of their many magazines or radio stations, you’ve found that they are just as disappointing. Time for a website redesign in 2013.

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