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Last Minute Web Design Tips For The Holidays

As the end of the year quickly approaches, holiday shoppers are out in full-force.  Makesure your website is open for business and appealing to the consumers that are looking for your products and/or services.  Simple little changes to your websites appearance can create a nice cozy environment for visitors to feel more at home buying your offerings!  Here are a few tips to keep your site holiday-friendly:

1)  Add some holiday “cheer” to your logo, header, or homepage!

Simple, subtle, and awesome!  It’s a suggestive element that explains in not-so-many-words that you take pride in your site and are constantly working on it.  It also shows your company has a pulse and likes to have a little fun!

2)  Have a “call to action” banner or button!

Look through your products/services and pick one that is affordable, appealing, and purchasable as a gift!  Add a button that clearly stands out in the top 3rd of your pages, and most importantly make sure it’s easy to purchase.  If it isn’t easy to purchase or gets a little complicated, you are going to see visitors bounce off that page like a bad habit.  Set it all up and test it a few times with family, friends, or colleagues.  Listen to their feedback and again, focus on simplicity!

3)  Be social!

Get on those social networks and put in some time!  This is a prefect opportunity for you to talk about your favorite holiday recipes, comment or reply on other posts about the holidays, ask compelling holiday-oriented questions, and of course mention your “call to action” product/service you are pushing this year.  Be careful though, don’t over-communicate your offering as this can have adverse reactions and potentially lost followers.

4)  Enjoy the season!

This isn’t a web design or marketing tip, but can probably have the biggest impact on your business.  Take time out and make sure you enjoy the wonderful family and friends you have. This is important for your own health, company health, and employee moral.  Don’t make the holidays another stressful ‘job’, rather, take the time to make it awesome.

Have some fun with your website this year!  If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us!