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Mobile Website Design for Restaurants

Last year the changes in consumer behavior were apparent to all: more people are turning to mobile than ever before. Gone are the says when people sit at their desktop at home to access your website. Today’s consumers are becoming more comfortable and interested in mobile platforms. I mean, even my mom even has an iPhone and iPad. (I didn’t say she knew how to use them – just that she has them.)

According to Nielsen’s new U.S. Consumer Usage Report 2012, 56 of mobile subscribers have a smartphone and tablets are beginning to outsell laptops!

With my recent move to Indianapolis, I am often searching for new places to go out to eat with friends. This search has often led to frustration on my end. Either the restaurant doesn’t have a website, or the company doesn’t have mobile website. This doesn’t help when it comes to checking out a menu or location now, does it?

According to eMarketer, 24 percent of mobile searches in 2012 were for restaurants, the largest share of any category. Of those searches two-thirds (64 percent) purchased their meal within AN HOUR of their search. Overall, 85 percent of smartphone users eventually converted.

If you don’t have a mobile website design – you are losing customers, you are losing business, you are hurting your restaurant!

Here’s my suggestion: Get a mobile-friendly web design. A mobile site will help customers quickly view a menu, place an order or find your location. Having that information right at their fingertips will turn those one-time customers into regulars and give you a massive boom in business.

At Nextfly we can help you do just that. Just give us a call at 317-219-3111 and we’ll help you out!