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Recently I made a big mistake while on a plane ride to New Orleans. I started talking to the passenger next to me, who happened to be a 5 year old kid. I was sick and tired, but this girl was persistent in her desire for entertainment. We read every Dr. Seuss book she had in her backpack, but there was still an hour left of our flight and I was at a loss for what to do.

Wanting to see what time it was, I pulled my phone out of my pocket. Immediately the girl shouted “oh! Can I see your phone?” Since I’m a nice person, I obliged. With my phone in hand, she said to me “do you have games?!” …No, I sure didn’t.

Every app that I had on my phone needed internet to work. Having two young nieces that constantly need entertained, I decided recently that it was time to give in and download games.

I downloaded the top 5 Free iPhone apps. They were the following:

1. 2048
2. Flappy Smash
3. Don’t Step on the White Tile
4. Doodle Jump
5. What’s the Difference?

Below Is my review of the game as well as my rating out of ten.

2048 is an awesome game. Simple, easy to use, and ridiculously addictive, 2048 is a numbers game that reminds me a lot of Sudoku. You swipe to move tiles and then when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. Your goal is to get to the 2048 tile – which seems impossible to me. I haven’t come close at all!  8/10

Flappy Smash is a pathetic excuse for a game. All you do is smash birds with a pipe that you see in Mario Brothers games. If they pass the pipe, you lose. So try to smash as many birds as possible! I don’t know who invented this game and why people love it so much.  I hope the people that “love” this game are little children because this is not stimulating me enough to play more than once. 2/10

Don’t Step on the White Tile is just as dull as Flappy Smash.  You try to avoid the white tiles, as you hop from one black tile to another. I don’t have the patience for this game. It’s not worth my time. 2/10

Doodle Jump is just as simple and boring as Flappy Smash and Don’t Step on the White Tile, but I love it. You hop from brick to brick and use different props such as a rocket or spring-soled shoes to skip bricks. Some of the bricks you land on break as you step on them, but most stay as they are. You are continuously jumping, so you have to make sure you don’t fall off the brick. To me it is quite an entertaining game for reasons that I can’t come up with. 7/10

What’s the Difference is a fun game. Just like in magazines, it has two images side-by-side and you have to find the differences. I enjoy the game, but not on an iPhone. The images are too small, it’s difficult to see the differences often. Overall, I like the app but would only play it on my iPad. 6/10

You might think my ratings are a bit harsh but I’ve played Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle so I know quality when I – play? –  it.

Know of any games I need to try for a future blog? Want to defend a game above? Hit us up on Twitter  username: @nextfly.