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The Latest Web-Design Trends We Love and Hate

Change has been around since the beginning of time, but changes in just about everything have never seemed to have occurred more quickly than in our lifetime. An area where change occurs more quickly than others is with all things tech-related. If only all technology-related changes would be as easy as you getting a notice that there was an update for you! In real life, you need to stay on top of the latest available to keep your website up to date. If you don’t, you risk either missing out on Web-Design Trends that will potentially increase your audience, using an out-of-date trend, or even worse choosing a trend that could possibly do more harm than good for your site! This blog will mention just a few of those that we both love and hate! While we can’t fully educate you completely on these trends, hopefully, we will grab your interest in finding out more from the designers at Nextfly!


A trend that continues to be popular, and has been successful to many, is the use of Experimental Navigation. This trend resists the use of having a traditional layout for your page, and if you successfully provide clear direction to your viewers, it will guide them through all your site has to offer.

Another favored trend is the use of Animated Product Reveals. This encourages your visitors to become more engaged in viewing your page. People today are often in a hurry, no matter what they are doing, and this trend will help with speed browsing. The ultimate goal is that the hover animation will also make your visitor want to keep exploring.

One last, but not only, trend we love is Overlapping Text. Gone are the days of layouts that are neatly presented, with everything neatly arranged with its own space. You can pick up any magazine to see this being used. It’s also a popular design for websites. Simply put, this places your worded message, often the headline text, over imagery. This method breaks up old-school uniformity but doesn’t go as far as to create confusion in the viewer.


Thankfully, most of the trends we are not fans of, are not still being used by most, but unfortunately, you sometimes see them promoting various businesses. No need to go into much detail in explaining what these are, as just mentioning them is enough!

A cluttered layout just begs a viewer to move on to another site! The goal of a good design is not to squeeze as much as possible on the opening page. This is not to be confused with the trend we love of Overlapping Text! This is the ultimate example of “less is more”!

The use of a Splash Page is not a favorite, either. This was often used with the idea that watching a video to show how great a product is, will make it even better. Sadly, it often has more of a negative effect because of the time it wastes to actually see what the website is all about. We find that most people “click to skip” so why even use one?

Pop-Ups… do I really need to say more? Who hasn’t clicked on an article, just to decide that because of the pop-ups, it wasn’t worth your time? While some feel that they are great attention-getters, many feel they are more distracting than beneficial.

So, who has time to keep up with all these trends, and know what the best choice is and what might turn a viewer away? A professional web designer does! You’ve read only a small sampling of both what are and are not successful approaches for your page design. You can trust that Nextfly utilizes the latest, and the most effective strategies that will help you best promote your business! Contact us today to find out how we can help!