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Websites and Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Back in 1956, AI was invented at Dartmouth College. This was only the beginning of the capabilities that AI would be able to achieve. The idea behind AI is a computer being able to complete tasks that would generally done by a human since it takes intelligence and judgement. To get to the point of full consciousness, there has been three stages of AI: Stage 1 – Machine Learning, Stage 2 – Machine Intelligence, and Stage 3 – Machine Consciousness.

Stage 1: Machine Learning is when a computer uses algorithms and information to learn and improve accuracy as a human would learn. Examples of machine learning is Siri, Alexa, Bots, etc.

Stage 2: Machine Intelligence is computers or robots that have used enough algorithms to learn to the proficiency of a human. This allows computers to learn on their own without being specifically programmed.

Stage 3: Machine Consciousness is when computers are able to reason and self-learn. As of 2023, we are at the beginning stages of Stage 3.

How is AI Used with Websites?

Writing Content – As of early 2022, Artificial Intelligence began being used for websites. There are many tools out there that can generate text for you just by giving the platform a topic or an outline of what you want. The one thing these generators do not tell you is AI generated content could hurt your Search Engine Optimization rankings. We still find it is best to write your own content if you are trying to rank high on a Google Search. AI content does not meet Google E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) standards to be able to rank them on a search engine results page.

Creating Web Design – As of 2023, there have been more examples of AI being able to fully design a web page; however, this is just a machine interpretation of what you are looking for. There are always flaws since AI is not always able to discern your exact needs and desires for your site. At this point there is not enough data to determine how Google will rank AI developed websites.

Creating Images- AI developed images are not a new thing; however, within the last year AI has been used to create its own images as if it was actually holding a camera. Not only can AI create an image from just a few words, you can also use AI to edit photos in photoshop. As of 2023, Google does allow AI created images; however, it will mark images as AI generated if they show up on a Google Search result.

NEXTFLY Advice on AI and Websites

While Artificial Intelligence is still so new, it is still hard to determine the long term effects that it can have on your site and how Google ranks it with “homemade” competitors. While AI seems like the easy route to go, this could have a detrimental affect on any marketing strategy that you have now or will come up with in the future since Google is penalizing AI generated content.

If you are ready to get your website going the “old fashioned way,” reach out to a representative at NEXTFLY to get started today!