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Website design basics: Keywords and keyword phrases can make or break your site

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Everybody these days seems to have one whether it’s for a business, an organization, an affiliation with a sports or political team.  Maybe a hopeful Ebay-like auction or a money-making Google pay-per-click website.

You name it, they’re out there.

Some of these websites are home-spun do-it-yourself websites created for free from an online instant website maker.   Other sites are designed by web design companies pumping out new cheap websites without much thought to quality and effectiveness about these sites as a viable internet entity.

So many poorly designed websites tend to get off on the wrong foot, especially by those who build these websites on their own or go to a quickie cheap website builder that slaps content into a template and says “Done!” without laying the groundwork for their websites first.

Important groundwork.

The kind of stuff you might think doesn’t matter because you want to focus on the creativity involved in making posts, adding images or just putting your products out there for sale. Advertising your club or organization where others will find you in their searches on Google or Yahoo! and maybe even Bing.

Thinking that because you’ve got that instant website up, the world will suddenly come flocking to your virtual door online.

I hate to burst your bubble, but it just isn’t so.

Successful Websites Begin with Sharply Focused Keywords

Websites that are hastily thrown together never end up at the front of search engine searches.  They aren’t even found in the first three or ten or even one hundred search result pages.  They are left far, far to the rear of the search engines’ reaches – back in the multi-thousands to suffer and die in limbo devoid of internet traffic for one basic reason.

That important groundwork wasn’t laid first.

Before you even attempt to set up a website, keywords and keyword phrases are the vital first step to work on.

Yes, even before even securing a domain name for that new site.  The domain name itself needs to reflect the aggregate of these search terms and until you’ve determined those keywords, you are basically putting up an aimless website under an aimless domain name.

A preliminary list of keywords and phrases (preferably 2 – 3 words for a phrase) up to 20 in total should be put on that initial list.

Then those keywords have to be researched, putting them to the test in active searches, viewing competition source page keywords and the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index).

If you don’t know what the KEI is, a quality website designer will – and he or she will use it to put your best keywords to work for you, optimizing your website right from the outset.

Those specific keywords and phrases will play an integral part in your website from the perspective of search engines, because your page content will be focused on those keywords from the moment your site is launched.

If your website is designed for sales or more exposure to gain members, you’ll find them much more directed in your direction.  Rather than your website being lost altogether on the internet or finding yourself paying for click-through visitors to your site (visitors who never wanted to be on your site in the first place), having a keyword-focused website will be a real time and money saver for you.

Bottom line, you really take your chances by trying to build a website on your own or taking your business to an instant “quickie” website designer who isn’t focused on your needs but more on his or her own – trying to turn a fast buck.

Help with Keywords and Keyword Phrases

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Rut roh, I’ve made all of these mistakes with my own website!”  Don’t worry.
Website design isn’t like pouring concrete.  There’s virtually nothing that can’t be changed to improve a website from the bottom on up as soon as Tomorrow.
Talk to us here at Nextfly and we’ll work with you to make that website as keyword-focused and targeted for traffic as possible.
If you’ve put together a website that’s doing absolutely nothing for you sitting all by its lonesome out on the Web, we can fix that for you in a hurry.  We can:
  • * Correct a poorly-designed existing website
  • * Adjust your links (inbound and outbound)
  • * Refine graphics, make style sheet changes, etc.

And it can all be accomplished for less cost, time and disruption to your schedule than you think.

Get free, no obligation advice about your website needs from one of the expert consultants here at Nextfly. There are no foolish questions when it comes to the intricate science of developing a strong presence for your business on the Internet.

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