Why Social Media is Critical to your Business Growth

Do you ever wonder why social media has become such a critical part of business growth? How did a platform meant to keep up with family and friends grow into the largest marketing outlet? Social media has been a critical marketing tool used for brands to gain rich insights and customers, and grow reputations. With […]

Social Media Frequently Asked Questions

With social media dominating most of our off time, it is important to understand how to reach your target market. How many people are on social media? Across the globe, there are over 3.81 billion social media users. That means that almost 50% percent of the world has access to a social media account. That […]

What is Responsive Web Design and Why Does My Site Need it?

Prior to tablets and cell phones, all websites were built in one standard size. During this time, websites utilized horizontal track bars to be able to view all of the content that did not fit the screen size that you had. The idea of a one-sized design was flawed from the very beginning. It did […]

What Is Remarketing And Why Is It Important?

How often does this happen to you? You’re shopping on the internet, and you navigate to a different website or even when you go to Facebook, and suddenly you are bombarded for ads for the product you were considering. It might be an ad for the website you were just looking at, a competing website, […]

New Year, New You. Right?

As the New Year comes and goes, we often reflect on the triumphs and trials of the previous year. In this instance, you may even be thinking about all of the ups and downs of the last decade! We often think about our poor lifestyle choices or how to improve ourselves in the upcoming year. […]

How to Run Social Media B2B While Still Being Cool

B2B, or business to business, social media is really a whole different world. It’s a whole new audience, a whole new set of eyes, and people with all new goals. It can be easy to reach a consumer who is simply on social media for the memes. Reaching another business is a whole different ball […]

Why Choose Nextfly for your Indianapolis Web Design & Digital Marketing?

Top-Rated Website Design & Digital Marketing Company Located just north of Indianapolis, IN, NEXTFLY is a full-service website design, development, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital marketing company. We have successfully launched hundreds of websites and have proven track records of our clients success. In today’s day and age having a mobile responsive and up-to-date […]

Next Steps

You may wonder: What happens when my website is done? What do I do with it now? How do I use it? This is in fact one of the most important parts. Once your site is complete, we are not necessarily done… we are just getting started! The next step is to watch the sites […]