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Professionally Built Sites VS Free Websites, Which Is Best For Your Business?

Building an online presence is almost essential for all businesses, big and small. So when it comes down to it, where do you begin?

Do you take the option to build a website using a free service like Wix, which claims to be an easy building tool that requires no knowledge of code? Maybe you choose to use Squarespace because they have excellent templates that are pretty polished and easy to swap out. And then theres Weebly. The in-between service that gives you the most control for being free, but still less popular than Wix. Or you choose the the best options for businesses.The one that saves you time and allows you to continue running your company.

That option, a professional web design company.

02G20415Most small businesses might think that paying for a professional company to build your website is preposterous, especially since there are free sites that allow you to build your own website. So lets break down free sites versus professional sites using C.A.T.S (because its the internet, duh).


Yes, some might view building a professional website as expensive, but lets look at price breakdowns.

The price of a professionally built website from Nextfly ranges between roughly 4,000 to $7,000  most of which our competitors fall between $10,000–$15,000 range. The average time spent on building these websites website also range most commonly between 20–30 hours. At 25 hours on a site, our price comes to $240/hour.

Yes your website built with a free site builder is FREE, but the average time to build a website on a free site, with someone who has no experience, could range from 40-60 hours. Average consulting prices of business owners range anywhere form 150/hour on up. Even at the lowest end of the consulting price, at a 50 hour site build this would cost $7,000 to the business owner. So its cost efficient to choose a professional company, and you can get back to focusing on your small business.


Free sites say they give you the full capabilities to customize your site, but generally you are limited to only changing predefined colors, shapes, text, photos and backgrounds. When building a site with a professional company, they have full customization options and can build exactly what you want to a T. Not only can they do what you want, but they can build custom bars, menus,interactions and other pieces you want on the internet specific to your small business.


Professional web designers know the latest trends and fads in web design, allowing them make sites that will both get noticed and fit what’s relevant on the internet. When you build a free website through one of the free services you are generally locked into picking a theme, which have standard layouts that might be dated. Also, professional web designers know what trends are good investments for the future, and what are…fads.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For those who are unsure of what SEO is, it’s how you appear on search engines, like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Some free site builders do include SEO options that you can utilize, but they are not as in-depth as if a web design company builds your site. Web companies help get you the top spots on search engines using strategic tactics that are the current and most effective ways of getting your business noticed. If you’re serious about creating new revenue for your business, you need to get seen on the web, and web specialist know exactly how to do this.

So that is CATS: cost, appearance, trends and SEO.

Whether you choose to search for a professional to build your web presence for your business or you choose to do it yourself, you need to do the research and analyze the cost benefits.

For most small businesses, it is more cost effective to hire out a web design specialist as they can focus their time to their business. You also need to explore the options and packages web design companies offer, such as website design, mobile design, optimization and hosting. Once you have done your research you can create a final plan and get started.

If you are looking for a professional company to help you get you started, NEXTFLY has great deals that are competitive offering great price points that work with small business budgets. Offering both custom and templates sites on a WordPress management system, we can surely help you start your online presence.