Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content is the king of online marketing! Having a proven strategy around your content is the key to driving in new leads for your business.

Did you know that 94% of large businesses that offer products and services in the B2B space have a content marketing strategy? Creating new content around your products and services is the key for great search engine optimized results. With some discipline and hard work, your website can become the trusted resource for everything that your business offers. Being the trusted resource of information means being recognized by every major search engine as such. You will become the trusted advisor for your industry and be atop the search results for those subjects. Here are some simple key strategies to follow when creating content for your website.

Write a blog – Having a blog that you publish to your website each week is usually the easiest way to load fresh content to your website. Once you have built out all of your interior pages that relate to your products and services, a blog is the way to make yourself THE trusted resource in your industry.

Discipline – This is probably the biggest hurdle that most small and mid-sized businesses face. I hear every week from clients that “we simply do not have the time to write new content for our site”. This is where many companies come up short; the business that has the discipline to add new content to their site each week is the one that currently owns that top space of your industry’s search results.  Here is a simple remedy for that, make the time to do it. Put a calendar reminder in your schedule each week.  Block out an hour at some point that day and write a blog about what is new with your business.  You will see your results improve each week and eventually you will find yourself having a great habit of blogging.

What do I write about? When coming up with creative content, it is important to create new pages about each and every aspect of your business. Every little piece of your products or services deserves its very own page. You will be surprised about how much you know about your business.  Do not be afraid to go into amazing detail.

Use keyword strategies – If you want to be recognized as a trusted resource for a certain product or service, don’t be shy about using the name of that product or service a lot. We run a Web Design business in Phoenix. We are recognized in Phoenix as a trusted advisor when it comes to Web Design. Many of the blogs that we create each week have a heavy focus on those keywords. Don’t be afraid to use keywords about each little thing that you do along with the bigger things that you offer. Again, devote an entire page to everything of importance.

Be market specific – If you are trying to focus on a certain geographical region, be sure to mention that region a lot. You can even write blog’s about the latest news in that region. Be sure to use your own words after you do your research.

Use Graphics – If you read our blogs you will always notice a key graphic at the top of our posts. This picture is often what grabs the attention of the reader and encourages them to click the link and read. Be sure not to “borrow” random graphics from the Internet. Make sure the images that you are using are guaranteed as royalty free.

Use every avenue of social media available – Once you’ve published your blog, go to all of your social media accounts and post the link there. Every click you generate through social media will drive traffic to your site and increase the relevancy of your article and content. If you don’t currently use social media for your business, create accounts right away. Just the fact that your article is published in many places is a great way to make your site more credible. We typically make sure every blog we write gets published on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

Don’t write brief articles – Writing a short article about a certain subject in your business is not effective. Go in depth and elaborate on every detail.  A good blog post should be between 750-1500 words.  Doing this once a week can seem like a daunting task to many. I assure you, it isn’t difficult once you get into the habit. We usually create one or two new pages each week; each page typically takes about an hour.

Generate Leads! – Because of the fact that we publish new pages to our site, we show up on page one for our keyword searches on every major search engine.  These search results provide leads for the business each week.  Our business does not spend a dime on marketing.  One to two hours per week is all that is needed.

If follow these simple strategies, you will see measurable results week after week. Your rankings will climb and your site will become the trusted resource for your industry and area.

Happy Blogging!

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