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Five Things You Are Doing Wrong with Your Website

At Nextfly, the majority of the time we develop websites for a client, train them on how to use the website on their own and send them on their way (getting occasional questions from them after their website launch). Unfortunately, many individuals either forget their training immediately and let their website become old and out of date or don’t take full advantage of all the functionality that having a Content Management System (CMS) Website has to offer.  Below I have a list of the top 5 things people are doing wrong with their website. I hope you don’t fall under this category, but if you do – let’s talk. We’ll get you back on track!

1. Website content is rarely (or never) updated – It takes awhile to put all the words together for the different web pages you want on your website. If you are a gym, you have to break down the name of the classes you have to offer in a way that a guest who has never been will understand. If you have a product, you have to describe everything about that product so a potential customer will buy it. We understand it’s time consuming – but things change frequently in the business world. You might stop selling a product, or the features of that product could be designed differently. The class you offered at your gym could have a video that visually explains the class better than any content ever would. This video would be great to put on your website page! Instead of posting the video on your website, you let it rot on YouTube with the other millions of videos that are uploaded every day. 

2. Website plugins are not updated – When you are on a Content Management System (CMS) website, often times there are website updates that take place occasionally. If you don’t update the website platform, often time plugins that you have installed don’t work effectively, ruining the user experience of the website.

3. The website is not optimized – When you launch your website, you might think it will automatically show up on Google. This is not the case. Without optimization, your website will disappear into a large black hole. When you optimized your website through effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, your website will be much easier for your potential clients/customers to find.

4. You don’t have a mobile website – These days, having a website isn’t enough. More and more people are accessing your business information from their tablets or mobile devices. It’s important to have a website designed to cater to the needs of your customer. Having a responsive website that functions well on a mobile device is a necessity these days!

5. Your website design gets stale – Design trends change frequently. To keep up with these design trends, it is ideal that you have your website redesigned every two years.

At Nextfly we’ll help with all of your website needs from content updates to mobile designs. Get in touch with us for any questions you might have or give us a call at 317-219-3111.