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Could Internet Marketing Benefit You?

Why  Should You Choose Internet Marketing?

It is very important to start looking into how consumers are purchasing products and services and what drives them to choose a business. Knowing this information could bring more sales to your business. Many consumers are using social media and the mobile internet to do preliminary research before making their final decisions. Having the internet available for your potential client gives you affordable low-cost communication methods, and taking away the need for mass marketing. There are many ways to market to your potential client online; such as Google pay-per-click, email marketing campaigns, remarking campaigns, and more!

When creating your internet marketing campaigns, you need to think about your objective. What do you want viewers to do when they see your advertisement? Do you want clients to visit your site? Do you want your advertisement to cause people to purchase a product? Or are you just trying to build your brand, and would like to be known. No matter your objective, Nextfly Web Design has an answer for you.  Find out more about the benefits of internet marketing today!

Benefits of Internet Marketing


One of the biggest advantages of internet marketing and sales is that you are open for business at all hours of the day. Offering your products/services online gives you an additional place to sell without having pay staff to be there around the clock. They are able to research your products and make orders when they are ready


Not only is online marketing good for sales, it is also great to reach a larger range of people. Whether you sell your products through your website, or just use the internet to get your name out there, internet marketing brings your company to the doors of possible consumers across the nation


Compared to marking your product through a retail outlet, online marketing costs much less. Keeping your products online means you don’t have to maintain a store and reoccurring cost of rent. You can order your items to stay in line with demand, keeping your inventory cost low.

Keep It Personal

With internet marketing, you are able to create your ads based on your potential client’s needs. You have the opportunity to create multiple ads for clients at a very low cost. Creating multiple ads helps determine which ad working the best for you. With each ad that is created, you will want to build landing pages on your website that are relevant to the ad that the viewer sees. You don’t want your visitor to click on an ad for dog toys and then go do a page with cat toys, hamster cages, and dog toys!


One of the largest advantages of internet marketing is that you can track the results of your ads. Your results will be shown with detailed graphics and data. With your advertisements, your traffic tracking analysis is free! Now you can easy see how your ads are bringing visitors.


Here is where the importance of social media marketing comes in. Over 81 percent of Americans have a social media account. To put this in perspective, over 1.96 billion Americans currently have a social media profile. In 2018, it is expected that over 2.5 billion Americans will have an account.

Over 95% of adults from the age of 18 to 34 follow a brand through social media. Not only that, in 2015 Facebook influenced over 52% of consumer’s purchases. The best time to post on Facebook to get the most action is 3:00pm on Wednesdays, 12:00-4:00 on Thursdays and Fridays, and 12:00pm to 1:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Instagram’s top brands are selling and engagement rate of 4.21% per follower. This is 58 times higher than Facebook and over 120 times higher than on Twitter.


Your business does not only have to do sales in its same city, state, or even country. You can now make your brand international by the use of internet marketing. You can now sell your products all over the globe 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can do this easily with Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other platforms.

Ready to Get Started with Internet Marketing?

Are you still not sure if internet marketing is right for you? The representatives at Nextfly Web Design are ready to answer all of the questions that you may have. We are ready to get your internet marketing campaigns going for you.