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Mobile Website Design for Restaurants

Last year the changes in consumer behavior were apparent to all: more people are turning to mobile than ever before. Gone are the says when people sit at their desktop at home to access your website. Today’s consumers are becoming more comfortable and interested in mobile platforms. I mean, even my mom even has an […]

2013 To-Do: Mobile Web Design

It was 2006 and I was in my Journalism 101 class at Ball State when I heard my professor, Michael Hanley, make a bold statement. “Mobile is going to take over,” he said. At the time when most people had Motorola RAZRs that didn’t do much of anything but look cool, this was hard to […]

Why Your Web Site Needs Mobile Optimization

First it was websites, and then it was social media. Now we have to do what? I know, we know, you know…you’d think at some point, we’d be up with the technology trend, but honestly, it’s really a game of keep up…and keeping up is what we must do in order to continue to move […]