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Link Exchange: Don’t compromise the integrity of your business website

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A friend contacted me saying she was thrilled with all of the link exchange requests her relatively new website was getting from other website owners. These other companies must really love her business website, she said.  They must think that her professionally designed website is so popular and so fabulous that they want to give […]

Avoid a negative business reputation online: Don’t jerk customers around

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We bought a custom-made interior glass door from Lowe’s for $400 several weeks ago. It was supposed to be ready for delivery two days ago. Actually, it was supposed to be ready for delivery well over two weeks ago, but a store representative called to matter-of-factly let us know that the door had fallen off […]

Add pages to your website beyond its design structure with creative blogging

One of my favorite non-business quotes that seems to have everything to do with small business internet commerce comes from an article on Contact Music’s website:  “John Mayer: ‘Fame Affects My Songwriting“. CM reported that singer/musician John Mayer was having trouble writing new songs because his fans think they know him too well. He’s quoted […]

Professional Web Design: It’s what sells your business online

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As an internet shopper, I love buying from sites that offer me a sleek, efficient shopping experience. I love these sites because I can be a real stickler on performance as a customer. I’m referring to website performance from start to finish. You don’t need a glitzy site.  It doesn’t have to be the least […]