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These are NOT April Fools Jokes – But They Should Be

Today’s all about pranking each other with April Fools jokes – Google is quite famous for it. Last year I wrote about some of the April Fools Jokes all over the internet. This year, however, I decided to tell the truth…about things that should be jokes, but aren’t.

1. The battery life in my iPhone.
2. Some businesses only have Facebook pages and do not have websites.
3. Not every TV channel has a mobile app where you can watch full episodes. (CBS and The CW have one, but not Fox nor USA Network? Fail.)
4. There are people that use Yahoo as their default search engine.
5.  People have websites that are NOT mobile friendly. (C’mon now people. Didn’t you read our post on mobile websites?)
6.  You can’t quote and reply someone on the Twitter website, but can on your phone. (Or Twitter’s whole web interface. period.)
7.  There are businesses not listed in search engines or Google Local.
8.  People still use taxis when Uber and Lyft offer promotions for free rides constantly.
9.  Businesses use GoDaddy for their mail app.  (Look into Google Apps. They’ll change your life.)
10. The idea that your cable and internet bill won’t change from month to month for no reason.