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Website Speed DOES Make a Difference

At Nextfly Web Design we have the opportunity to work with companies of many different sizes. Some have existed for a while and some are just getting started in development.

For the companies that already have websites online, they often have a web hosting provider that they have selected randomly off the internet.

Oftentimes, companies don’t realize the lack of quality website loading speed these web hosting companies offer and their website suffers because of it.

So now you ask the question: “Does Page Speed Matter?” Yes. It does!

When websites take a while to load – prospective customers and clients are quick to look elsewhere and companies have the possibility to lose users to their competitors. These days, we consume media in a way in which we want instant gratification.

We want to watch a show at our convenience, want to get directions to a location while in the car searching for it, visit a website and get information from the click of a button on our phones.

How can companies prevent users from leaving their sites? By getting their website hosted with Nextfly!

Nextfly offers web hosting packages at different price levels all based on the different companies’ needs. If you have multiple domains or just one – we have a package that will work for you.

Check out our web hosting page or get in touch with us at 317-219-3111 to talk about what hosting plan will work best for you!