How to Be the Best Client Possible

Are you a client looking for a new website with a vision in mind of how it should look or a re-design from your current site? Or maybe you have a new product launch coming up, a new company starting or you might just want a complete rebrand before the busy season stars, As Soon […]

Digital Tools That Help Me Be Better at Life

When I first started working at Nextfly I knew that there was a lot to learn and, for me, continuous education has always been important. So I took matters into my own hands when it came to enhancing my skill set with a handful of digital tools available online. From watching videos to doing online […]

What You Need to Know About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Google started a search engine platform, but has turned into a company that does so much more. They are the maker of a driverless car, provider of a super-fast wifi and most importantly, developer of the world’s largest mobile operating system. Due to it’s influence in mobile, it’s no surprise that Google the driving force […]

The BETTER Way to Communicate with Your Team

Communication is essential at Nextfly for our team to run efficiently together. When our team was smaller, we were doing it quite well through our emails and iMessages. As time has gone by we came up with a dilemma: not everyone has an iPhone. We tried Google Hangouts – but kept finding issues. People frequently missed […]

Good Websites Need Planning

When you look at a business’ website design, you aren’t meant to see the hard work that was behind it. Websites aren’t meant to look overcomplicated to viewers, they’re meant to look like they were built for them and all the information on there will answer any questions anyone would ever have. However, to anyone […]

How to Put Together a Site Map

When working with clients on a website there is one phase in the development process where we tend to get stuck – developing a site structure. It’s a daunting task as a small business owner, and often times, is difficult to determine where to start. To begin, you need to ask yourself a the following question: what […]

Getting to Know Toggl

When working on a computer all day, it’s easy to lose track of time. There are a lot of jobs in which time-tracking is imperative – my position being one of them. When I started working at Nextfly, I merely looked at the clock when I would start and finish a project and, afterwards, put […]

Why Responsive Website Design is Important

People are starting to use their mobile devices,including tablets and smartphones, more and more for every day tasks. With more companies having mobile apps, paying bills, organizing your calendar, and checking your email can all be done in the palm of your hand rather than on your lap. Due to the mobility of audiences, it’s more […]