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How Are You Ranking On Google?

All major social media platforms have algorithms that determine what a guest will see first. The developer and strategists of the platform will do months of research to determine what is most important for the viewers to see. This not only happens with your social media, but with your search engines as well!

Search Engine Optimization

Many of you have heard this term but may not fully understand what this means. Search Engine Optimization is the steps taken to gain more visitors by making certain that the particular site ranks as high as possible in the list of search options. This is also known SEO, Natural, or Organic Search. Even as a SEO strategist, I find myself clicking on the first few links rather than scouring Google for other companies, services, or items. We live in a very “Now” generation. Most of the time, we do not work harder than we have to when it comes to the internet. The mindset of the consumer is, “If it is on the top of my Google search, then it must be the best.” That may not be entirely accurate, but we do see more visitors to the sites that are on page rather than page two or three of a Google Search.

Have you been wondering how you can rank higher in Google’s searches? Here at Nextfly, our main ways to achieve high rankings are On-Site SEO and Ongoing SEO. What are the differences, you ask?

On-Site SEO

This is the process where we optimize your site for the term that most fits with your business. For Nextfly, we have optimized our site for Indianapolis Web Design. This has been added to many of our interior pages, as well as our Home page. We chose this term because we are centrally located in this area, as well as this is “our most profitable” service. For On-site SEO we recommend only ONE location and one to two keywords.

Ongoing SEO

 The next step in having a well-rounded plan is to have Ongoing SEO. This is where we expand on the areas as service as well as the services that you offer. This means that you can have your business in Indianapolis but also target clients in Noblesville, Greenwood, Fishers, etc. For expansions of our services and locations, we have written pages for “Fishers Web Design, “Fishers Search Engine Optimizing,” and more.

Can you do one without the other? Of course! However, you may not see the same results.

Search Engine Algorithm Changes

Like all technology, Google makes updates several times per year. These updates include how pages are ranked in Google. These algorithms can help or even hinder your search ranking. If you do drop, this does not always mean that you have a bad page or a bad site. Google just changes their models to have the “under-rewarded” a fighting chance. That is where our team comes in, we dig deep into the changes of Google’s algorithms to be able to come up with new strategies to continue to increase the rank of our clients. This may result in us approaching our clients with new and improved methods!

Contact Us

Have you been seeing sales die down, and cannot not understand why? Contact a representative at Nextfly Web Design. We would love to set up a consultation to dig into your current SEO strategies, as well as advise you at where you could start! Do not let the thought that they are a large company, I will never beat them creep into your mind. It is all about a well-placed plan and a well-placed team. We cannot wait to hear from you!