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When researching a blog topic to write about this week, I found a blog post that I made February 2013 about the importance of mobile website designs for restaurants. At the time mobile design was becoming popular, but many restaurants were slow to develop their own mobile sites.

Since 2014, I have seen more and more restaurants develop mobile sites, but there is also something else I noticed: They’re doing it wrong.

How are they doing it wrong? Let me tell you a short story.

A few weeks ago I went to downtown Indianapolis to watch a World Cup game at a popular Indianapolis brewhouse and logged onto their mobile website to see their specials.

The website had a simple navigation bar in which it was easy to click and load the Specials, but then I went to the “Special page” and immediately cringed.

It was pink! It looked like Pepto Bismol.

I remember the branding of the company and thought about how the mobile website was a far cry from their brand image portrayed on their current website, through their social media, and in their restaurant itself.

When I dug a little deeper I realized that the mobile website that they had was a template website built on a platform that charges monthly.

Due to the limitations of a template, it was understandable that their website didn’t reflect their business effectively. Just like with template website designs, template mobile designs come with perimeters.

With mobile website designs you’ll get the following:

A mobile website that stays consistent with your company’s image.

Mobile-optimized websites are smaller versions of your company’s current website design. With this customized version of your website, buttons are bigger and easier to click and the text is formatted to fit on your device screen. See our portfolio for examples of mobile designs we have developed for our clients.

A mobile website that you do not have to update.

With template websites developed on mobile site building platforms, you have to update your website and your mobile website separately, insuring you twice the amount of work than with a mobile-optimized website.

A mobile website was a one-time fee

There are no yearly subscriptions or monthly fees. With mobile website designs there is a one time fee that is paid after you approve your new mobile website design.

A mobile website that is search engine optimized.

When people look up the name of your company and click on your website, it will lead them directly to your mobile-optimized website design. There is no need for unique content for your mobile website in order for it to rank, that’s already covered.

If by now I haven’t talked you into getting a mobile-friendly website for your business, maybe this blog post will. It breaks down data from consumers about how mobile websites influence their purchasing behavior, which could end up costing your business.

If you have any other questions on mobile website design feel free to get in touch with us or visit our mobile website design page.