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What is Indianapolis SEO

If you have a website or have looked into starting a website, you have probably come across the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The important question to ask is, what is Indianapolis SEO and what can it do for your business?

What is Indianapolis SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique to improve the amount of qualified traffic that comes to your website from a search engine like Google. The visitors that come through SEO are considered organic traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic. The goal of Indianapolis SEO is to improve the ranking of where your site shows up. It is important to note that depending on your term and/or location, you may have a lot of competition to get to page one rank one of a Google Search. National terms are always going to be harder to rank than localized pages, but even local pages can take some work!

Indianapolis SEO on a Google SearchTypes of Indianapolis SEO

On-Site SEO – This is the first step in your search engine optimization journey. After your website is completed (you may already have a completed site), NEXTFLY will send you a questionnaire to learn more about how individuals may look for your products/services. Once we have this information, we will use Google Keyword Planner as well as other tools to determine the best keyword to use as the foundation of your SEO. If you are trying to target local visitors, we will also determine the best location to use in conjunction with your keyword (for example Indianapolis SEO). Once we know the location and the keyword, we will get to work on optimizing your Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, content, images, and much much more.

On-Going SEO – On-Going SEO is similar to On-Site SEO; however, with On-Going we are opening more keywords and locations to allow you to be searchable by more than just one or two keywords. An example of this would be if Nextfly wanted to target other visitors outside of Indianapolis for SEO; therefore, we would write content pages or blogs like Bloomington SEO or Noblesville SEO. The reason you would want to open up your locations is that someone searching in Bloomington may not know you exist or even service their area, but when they do a search the goal is to have your Bloomington page rank on a Google Search.

On the other side of On-Going SEO, this is a great way to introduce other products, services, or keywords to be searchable. An example of this would be if NEXTFLY had content or blog pages written for Indianapolis Digital Marketing or Indianapolis Website Design. Again, this is adding new ways for potential clients to find your business.

Off-Site SEO – Off-Site SEO is a more unique method of Seach Engine Optimization. This method is all done off of your website; however, it still impacts how you rank within search results. The three main methods of Off-Site SEO that NEXTFLY offers are Back Linking (Link Building), Social Media Marketing, and Local Listings.

  • Backing Linking – Link building, also known as citations, is all about getting other sites across the web to link back to pages within your site. When you do this, you are telling Google that your site has more influence and should be shown higher on a search result page.
  • Social Media Marketing – Just like it sounds, Social Media Marketing is a way to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more to promote your products or services. This is used as an additional means
  • Local Listings – A local listing is where your name, number, address, or website is listed on the web. This could be on Google My Business, your own site, Yelp, etc. When these do not match across all platforms, this can actually hurt where you stand on a Google search result. You can use our tool to see how your listing stands across the web, here.

Do I need Indianapolis SEO?

That is a very good question, do you NEED Indianapolis SEO? The simple answer is no. You do not NEED SEO to have a website; however, it is a great way to get your billboard out of the metaphorical “cornfield.” Just launching your site is not enough to get visitors just pouring in. You need to have a way for them to find your site! Indianapolis SEO is a great way to bridge that gap and get qualified leads!

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