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Have you tried reaching people via your Facebook business account and are not having any luck? Allow NEXTFLY to help reach a larger audience, while still fitting into your marketing budget. Many of you use Amazon to purchase items. Have you ever noticed that when you search for products on there, they tend to pop up either on your Facebook or other websites that you visit? These ads are designed to grab your attention about the product that you were interested in and or maybe forgot to purchase. What if we told you that we can create this type of ad that would be developed through your website to then appear on people’s Facebook accounts.

Facebook Pixel is the latest form of advertising, but the beauty of this type of advertising is, you as the client do not have to do anything. We set up your Facebook Pixel and the rest occurs when people visit your website. The easiest way to explain this process is when someone visits your website, the ad you have created will appear via their Facebook feed. Feel free to test it out visiting our website. Well, it looks like you are already here if you are reading this page.

Benefits of Facebook Pixel

Conversion Tracking. You can see how successful your ad is by seeing how your customers move between devices, before making a purchase. These are tracked on mobile devices and desktop computers.

Optimization. Ensure your ads are being seen by the audience that will most likely take action or fill out a form on your website. Once you optimize your bids, your ads will only show up to Facebook users who are most likely to purchase or are interested in your services.

Custom Audiences. Use this to reach new customers who share interests of your website visitors by creating a “similar” audience. This can occur when you reach 100 conversions.

Remarketing. Arrange your ad to market people who visit your services page, not your about us page, for example. This audience could be people who added a product to a shopping cart and or purchased an item.

Create new ads. Create relevant and timely ads on Facebook based on products that are searched via your website.

Insight. Get insight on the people who visit your website.

Bring awareness to your brand

Facebook Pixel can also bring awareness to your brand. Maybe you someone stumbled upon your site? Once they see your ad, they will remember your company name when/if they need your services. Having your ad in front of people, only creates awareness of what you have to offer them.

It also helps track where your interested viewers are going to on your site. Facebook campaigns can also benefit from using the Facebook Pixel. It will track your campaign leads and the products you have sold.

When you purchase Pixel Marketing, think of this as a BOGO deal. Facebook owns Instagram, therefore your ads will begin to appear on this platform as well.

Get Started Today!

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites that exist. There are about 1.79 billion active users on Facebook and over 600 million on Instagram. Can you imagine how many people you can target? All you have to do to get started is give us a call. Whether you are a current client or a new friendly face that has stumbled upon on website, we are here to help grow your audience. Contact us at 317-219-3111 or fill out our form. We look forward to help engage your followers and grow your business.

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