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4 Common Challenges In Building A Website

Do you ever wonder how you use to learn about a company or find something out about what they do? What did we use to do? Looking them up in the phone book which only give you a phone number, is what comes to mind. Now we Google what we are looking for and the options are endless.

     This one example comes to mind –  Say you are looking for a Veterinarian close to your home. You can google “Veterinarian in Zionsville Indiana”. The vets in Zionsville will show along with there 5 star rating, location on a map, address, phone number, website link, hours of operation. All the information you are initially looking for. You can view each of your vet options website to help you decide what company you will use. A lot of times too the website will allow you to book your appointment online saving you time on the phone. Very convenient. Your website is speaking for you! No longer are you looking up a business on Yellow Pages phone book, finding what you are looking for and then waiting until after your visit to find out what kind of experience you will have. By looking them up online you know ahead of time what you are walking in to.

Your company needs a website! The world has changed and doing business has a whole new flip. You are now found online and not in the Yellow Pages. It is important to make sure you can be found online and once you are found, the site will keep your visitor locked in and deliver the message of your business. The process of building your website takes time and can have its challenges to work through though.

4 Common Challenges In Building A Website –


A lot of communication is done through email. Email is a great source but can also be misleading, you interpret the tone in the email instead of hearing it directly from the person. There are meetings on how you would like your website built out but when email starts coming over it can seem different than what was originally talked about. There is a fix to editing content and pictures, it just has to be communicated.


You approve a design and we build your content into the design accordingly. We have a pretty good knowledge of other functions we can add to your site that we see beneficial for you, and will take the initiative to go ahead and add that to your site. You can then decide when you are taking a final look at the site if you want to keep that functionality. It can be removed, keep in mind we are just trying to see what is best fit for your site. We won’t always see eye to eye, and that’s fine too.


Creating the verbiage for your website can be a headache! Especially if you are the average Joe that just tried to pass English class. Let’s face it, you are knowledgeable in your career not writing about it! You never want to use a competitors verbiage, very much frowned upon with Google, and you want to stand out from then anyway! This is a time consuming process but it speaks volumes for you so take the time to make it right.

Learning The Backend Of The Site

Once your website is live and you want to continue to add and edit content and pictures, you will have to learn how the backend of the site will work. We offer extensive training, but it takes some time to learn. WordPress is user-friendly but again takes time to learn.

This is a fun process!! Despite a few of the setbacks your website speaks for you so don’t be afraid to learn and be creative and let us help you along the way!