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What is Mobile First Indexing?

Similar to the rest of the world of technology, Google is constantly updating its platform and the way they index search engine-optimized sites. It seems almost impossible to keep up with the changes that large platforms (like Google and Facebook) continue to make. One of the largest ways that Google is changing, is by boosting […]

7 Effective Ways to Market Your Business Online

Social Media Marketing Establishing your brand in our mobilized-generation is extremely important. We all know that social media is great for engaging with current and potential customers and building your brand awareness.  Creating a brand presence on social media starts with creating accounts on many platforms in order to market to the most people in […]

Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go. The game that’s sweeping the world. The first Pokemon games were released in 1996. The original Pokemon’s Red and Blue sold over 24 million copies. Selling 10 million copies in Japan, 10 million in the United States, and 4 million in the United Kingdom. Red and Blue were named the best selling RPG on […]

My Favorite iPhone Keyboards

It’s 2016 and I believe that the traditional iOS keyboard with its plain jane emojis – are already out of date. Even the new ones they haven’t developed yet are. You might think that is a bold statement, but in many cases –  it’s true. Why’s this? iPhone Keyboard Apps!  Now, I’m not going to sit […]

Why Hiring a Professional Phoenix Web Design Company Is A Good Idea

Many people consider all websites to be created equally.  They are nothing more than an online business card that people can reference when they want to research your company.  “Why would I pay someone to develop a webpage for my business when I can just get one for free?” Let’s look at a few major […]

What You Need to Know About Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Google started a search engine platform, but has turned into a company that does so much more. They are the maker of a driverless car, provider of a super-fast wifi and most importantly, developer of the world’s largest mobile operating system. Due to it’s influence in mobile, it’s no surprise that Google the driving force […]

How to Fix iMessage to Text Message Issues

Thinking about switching to Android or a Windows Phone from an iPhone?  There are a few things you need to know prior to making the switch, especially if you expect to be able to continue to text message with people that you were once iMessaging with. If not deactivated properly, iMessage will continue to try […]