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My New Year Resolution

My New Year’s resolutions this year is to better myself physically and mentally. I feel like I have been procrastinating for too long and I need to get back to doing what I should be doing: learning, working out, and having fun while doing it.

Healthier Me

I want to make this year a healthier one. I need to cut down on fast food, drink less pop or “soda” as my friends from the south would say it, and workout more. I’m going to get rid of one thing at a time so I don’t give up. I already stopped buying pop to drink while I’m at home. I also started working out with my best friend and I’m sore everyday of the week.

Learn Javascript / AngularJS

Javascript is a programming language that works with HTML and CSS not to be confused with Java a general purpose language. Javascript is used to do more complex things that you can’t do with just HTML and CSS. I like to say javascript makes websites come alive. You can create very complex site with javascript. You can make elements move, transform, and the best part being able to be dynamic with the help of JSON, API, AJAX.

Build a Code Repository

I thought about borrowing Julie’s idea of making a CMS code repository for us or maybe working along with her to create it. I think I will use Yew as the theme base and stripe out all the special functionality that Yew is going to be jam packed with. I would even remove the homepage. I envision it will be a one page site build with custom post type and custom taxonomies so we can search for a piece of code faster and easier.

Create a Framework

One of my college friends created his own framework that I love, but I found that it needs to be modified slightly. So I plan on modifying his framework and altering it’s responsive nature and also add extra functionality as right now his framework is only a grid. I think I’ll add custom javascript slider, gallery, and carousel because I would like to develop it to be quick and easy to

Create Two Custom Templates

I would like to design another custom WordPress theme for our repository. I’m going to call this project Yew as a homage to my teen years of spending hours into the game Runescape. For everyone who isn’t a nerd Runescape was a great fantasy MMORPG game created by Jagex. I want Yew to be a dark theme because it’s rare to see darker themes anymore. It’s kind of a bummer because I don’t think there is nothing wrong with a darker looking website.  Currently, it’s just not as trendy as light and “clean” ones. I’m thinking that Yew will be modern site with a sidebar menu. For the second theme I want to develop project Redwood which is a light modern theme that I designed almost a year ago, but it’s time for it to see the light of day.