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Nextfly got ‘Blitzed’

Let me tell you, I’m not a huge NFL fan. The only time I know anything that’s happening with any team is when it takes over my Facebook feed or I hear about it from my coworkers.

To keep up with the guys in the office, I decided I needed to do some research. Luckily, I stumbled upon Blitzed and was able to get my NFL lowdown – in a just a few minutes, and got a few laughs in as well.

What is Blitzed?

It’s a weekly NFL buzz with a “neighborhood” bar theme. It’s hosted by the duo of Trav and Rebecca – who have awesome chemistry together and make you feel like you are the best of friends.

Recently, Blitzed had their “Blitzmas” special where they broke down the weekend’s NFL news Christmas-style!

Present after present was opened – consisting of big plays as well as screw ups. Then the “Naughty and Nice” list was rattled off – which didn’t leave the media out of the line of fire for their terrible acknowledgment of how epic Green Bay was during the Dallas game.

Also – did I mention they had a cute MVP tree that ran down the weeks top players? (Shocker that Peyton Manning was on it? Not at all.)

What I love most about Blitz is that I didn’t have to listen to boring sports casters take 30 minutes to run down highlight reels, I didn’t have to wait until 10pm to watch it come on the news. It was a six minute video that summed everything up really well. (Especially for someone that doesn’t spend their Sunday’s watching the games.)

So – my advice – check it out! It’s a few minutes full of fun and will give you a little doze of NFL talk that will hold you over well until the next big game.