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So Many Lines of Communication – Let’s Go Old School Though

I was first introduced to the internet in 1999. At the time there were no social media networks, just the web, e-mail, American Online Instant Messaging (AIM) and chatrooms.

Communication was simple. Most of the time you had only a handful of options to talk to your friends. These options included AIM, e-mail, on the phone, and – get this – in person!

Funny how you use to be able to count your communication platforms on one hand and, these days, you have multiple communications in the palm of it – on your smart phone.

When communicating with someone at work or outside – I often hear someone say “I messaged it to you.” The first thing I have to ask following it is “where?”

These days there are multiple ways to communication let’s break down a few that I use just to give you a better understanding:

I communication through pictures using:
1. Snapchat
2. Instagram
3. iChat

I communication through videos using:
1. Snapchat
2. Vine
3. Facetime

I communication through messaging using:
1. iChat
2. Hangouts
3. Couple App

I communicate through social media using:
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Google+
4. Tumblr

I communicate through emails using:
1. Gmail (okay, you got me on this one..)

Point being – things have come a long way in regards to the way we talk to people. We are able to communicate with each other instantly in a variety of ways. You can tell someone “I’m thinking of you” through sending a “thinking of you” emoticon on Couple, a quick text, tweet or Facebook wall post.

But have you ever though of switching things up and becoming less predictable with…a letter?

How often do you get letters from a friend or family member?  Probably rarely or maybe – never.

How awesome would it be to receive one? Pretty sure my day would be made if I received a letter in the mail from a friend or family member.

So put aside the computer and phone and take out a notepad this weekend! Write a note to someone. Tell them what you’re up to, that you miss them. It’ll mean a lot.